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Summary Extensions for using Rich with Django (3.11)
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single =========== django-rich =========== :alt: pre-commit Extensions for using [Rich] with Django. Requirements ------------ Python 3.8 to 3.12 supported. Django 3.2 to 5.0 supported. ---- **Want to work smarter and faster?** Check out my book [Boost Your Django DX] which covers many ways to improve your development experience. I wrote django-rich whilst working on the book! ---- Installation ------------ 1. Install with **pip**: .. code-block:: sh python -m pip install django-rich None of django-rich’s features are activated by default. Follow the documentation below to use them. Reference --------- ```` ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A subclass of Django’s |BaseCommand|__ class that sets its ``self.console`` to a Rich |Console|__. The Console uses the command’s stdout argument, which defaults to ``sys.stdout``. Colourization is enabled or disabled according to Django’s ``--no-color and --force-color`` flags. .. |BaseCommand| replace:: BaseCommand __ .. |Console| replace:: Console __ You can use ``self.console`` like so: .. code-block:: python from import RichCommand class Command(RichCommand): def handle(self, *args, **options): self.console.print("[bold red]Alert![/bold red]") You can customize the construction of the Console by overriding the make_rich_console class attribute. This should be a callable that returns a Console, such as a |functools.partial|__. For example, to disable the default-on markup and highlighting flags: .. |functools.partial| replace:: ``functools.partial`` __ .. code-block:: python from functools import partial from import RichCommand from rich.console import Console class Command(RichCommand): make_rich_console = partial(Console, markup=False, highlight=False) def handle(self, *args, **options): ... ``django_rich.test.RichRunner`` ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A subclass of Django's |DiscoverRunner|__ with colourized outputs and [nice traceback rendering]. .. image:: .. |DiscoverRunner| replace:: DiscoverRunner __
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