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Summary E3 core. Tools and library for building and (3.10)
Package version 22.1.0
Keywords python
Maintainer John Marino
License Not yet specified
Other variants py39
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
Port created 30 MAY 2020, 18:50:48 UTC
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single The `e3` Project ================ [CII Best Practices] [Documentation Status] [codecov] This present project (`e3`) is a Python framework to ease the development of portable automated build systems (compilation, dependencies management, binary code packaging, and automated testing). The `e3` framework is split across multiple Python packages named `e3-` and sharing the same namespace: `e3`. Code status =========== Platform | Status ---------|------- Linux | [Build Status] Windows | [Build status] `e3-core` content ================= `e3-core` package is organized in several packages and modules: - *anod*: build system handling dependencies management and binary code packaging. This includes a driver that can parse `.anod` specification files. - *archive*: support for reading and writing tar and zip archives - *collection*: generic collections, e.g. an implementation of Direct Acyclic Graphs - *decorator*: Python decorators, e.g. a memoize decorator - *diff*: functions to compute a diff or apply it - *electrolyt*: support for parsing build plans - *env*: global environment handling - *error*: `e3` exceptions - *event*: interface for notifying external services - *fingerprint*: support for creating a synthetic view of set of conditions and determining whether those conditions have changed or not. - *fs*: high-level file system operations, using globbing, walk,... - *hash*: computation of sha1, md5 - *log*: logging helpers - *main*: main program initialization, command line parsing,... - *mainloop*: generic loop for running jobs - *net*: network utilities - *net.http*: helper for sending http requests and downloading files - *net.smtp*: helper for sending emails through smtp - *os*: platform independent interface to Operating System functions - *os.fs*: low-level file system operations, no logging involved - *os.platform*: tools to detect the platform - *os.process*: interface to run process, to control the execution time,... - *os.timezone*: platform independent interface to get the machine timezone - *platform*: generic interface for providing platform information - *platform_db*: knowledge base for computing platform information - *store*: interface to download and store resources in a store - *sys*: `e3` information, sanity check, ... - *text*: text formatting and transformation - *vcs*: high level interface to VCS repositories - *yaml*: helpers for parsing yaml data See [e3-core documentation] for more details. Install ======= requires: Python 2.7.x (experimental support of Python >=3.4) To install `e3`, run: ```bash python install ``` All `e3` dependencies will also be installed. Contributing ============ See [].
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