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Summary Enhancing the 'parallel' Package
Package version 1.31.1
Homepage https://parallelly.futureverse.org
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Maintainer CRAN Automaton
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Last modified 27 APR 2022, 16:01:52 UTC
Port created 10 NOV 2020, 12:53:44 UTC
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single parallelly: Enhancing the 'parallel' Package Utility functions that enhance the 'parallel' package and support the built-in parallel backends of the 'future' package. For example, availableCores() gives the number of CPU cores available to your R process as given by the operating system, 'cgroups' and Linux containers, R options, and environment variables, including those set by job schedulers on high-performance compute clusters. If none is set, it will fall back to parallel::detectCores(). Another example is makeClusterPSOCK(), which is backward compatible with parallel::makePSOCKcluster() while doing a better job in setting up remote cluster workers without the need for configuring the firewall to do port-forwarding to your local computer.
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R-future:standard Unified parallel and distributed processing