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Summary Distro - an OS platform information API (3.9)
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single Distro - an OS platform information API ======================================= [CI Status] [PyPI version] [Supported Python Versions] [Code Coverage] [Is Wheel] [Latest Github Release] [![Join the chat at]]( `distro` provides information about the OS distribution it runs on, such as a reliable machine-readable ID, or version information. It is the recommended replacement for Python's original [`platform.linux_distribution`] function (removed in Python 3.8). It also provides much more functionality which isn't necessarily Python bound, like a command-line interface. Distro currently supports Linux and BSD based systems but [Windows and OS X support] is also planned. For Python 2.6 support, see ## Installation Installation of the latest released version from PyPI: `shell pip install distro ` Installation of the latest development version: ```shell pip install ``` To use as a standalone script, download `` directly: ```shell curl -O python ` distro`` is safe to vendor within projects that do not wish to add dependencies. ```shell cd myproject curl -O ``` ## Usage ```bash $ distro Name: Antergos Linux Version: 2015.10 (ISO-Rolling) Codename: ISO-Rolling $ distro -j { "codename": "ISO-Rolling", "id": "antergos", "like": "arch", "version": "16.9", "version_parts": { "build_number": "", "major": "16", "minor": "9" } } $ python >>> import distro >>> distro.linux_distribution(full_distribution_name=False) ('centos', '7.1.1503', 'Core') ``` ## Documentation On top of the aforementioned API, several more functions are available. For a complete description of the API, see the [latest API documentation]. ## Background An alternative implementation became necessary because Python 3.5 deprecated this function, and Python 3.8 removed it altogether. Its predecessor function [`platform.dist`] was already deprecated since Python 2.6 and removed in Python 3.8. Still, there
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