Port variant standard
Summary Command line editor library
Package version 20191231.3.1_1
Keywords devel
Maintainer nobody
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Last modified 10 APR 2020, 00:24:42 UTC
Port created 29 APR 2017, 02:38:34 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single This is an autotool- and libtoolized port of the NetBSD Editline library (libedit). This Berkeley-style licensed command line editor library provides generic line editing, history, and tokenization functions, similar to those found in GNU Readline.
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Build (only) libbsd4sol:single:standard (sunos)
Build and Runtime ncurses:primary:standard
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dbb82cb7e116a5f8025d35ef5b4f7d4a3cdd0a3909a146a39112095a2d229071 516801 libedit-20191231-3.1.tar.gz
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firebird30:standard Firebird-3 relational SQL database
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