Port variant standard
Summary Scalable X font index generator
Package version 1.2.2
Homepage https://www.x.org/
Keywords x11_fonts
Maintainer nobody
License MIT
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 21 FEB 2023, 04:27:44 UTC
Port created 08 JUN 2017, 18:12:01 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single This package contains mkfontscale, an application for creating an index of scalable font files for X.
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This port has no build options.
Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) freetype:dev:standard
Build and Runtime freetype:primary:standard
Download groups
main mirror://XORG/individual/app
Distribution File Information
8ae3fb5b1fe7436e1f565060acaa3e2918fe745b0e4979b5593968914fe2d5c4 143436 xorg/mkfontscale-1.2.2.tar.xz
Ports that require xorg-mkfontscale:standard
corefonts:standard Microsoft's TrueType core fonts
cwm:standard Minimalistic window manager for X11
fonts-VTCGoblinHand-ttf:standard Free fantasy-themed True Type Font
fonts-anonymous-pro:standard Fixed width sans designed especially for coders
fonts-crosextra-caladea:standard Font created by Google to replace MS Cambria
fonts-crosextra-carlito:standard Font created by Google to replace MS Calibri
fonts-dejavu:standard Bitstream Vera Fonts clone
fonts-freefont-ttf:standard Free UCS Outline Fonts
fonts-gentium-basic:standard Gentium Basic and Book Basic TrueType fonts
fonts-liberation2:standard Fonts from Red Hat to replace MS TTF fonts
fonts-linuxlibertine:standard Fonts from Red Hat to replace MS TTF fonts
fonts-spleen:standard Monospaced bitmap fonts for consoles and terminals
fonts-terminus-ttf:standard Monospace True-Type font (for X11 and console)
fonts-terminus:standard Monospace bitmap font (for X11 and console)
fonts-twemoji-color:standard Color emoji font using Twitter Unicode 11.0
fonts-unifont:standard GNU Unifont glyphs (PCF)
xorg-encodings:standard X.Org Encoding fonts
xorg-font-adobe-100dpi:standard X.org Adobe 100 DPI font
xorg-font-adobe-75dpi:standard X.org Adobe 75 DPI font
xorg-font-adobe-utopia-100dpi:standard X.org Adobe Utopia 100 DPI font
xorg-font-adobe-utopia-75dpi:standard X.org Adobe Utopia 75 DPI font
xorg-font-adobe-utopia-type1:standard X.org Adobe Utopia Type 1 fonts
xorg-font-arabic-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Arabic fonts
xorg-font-bh-100dpi:standard X.org Bigelow & Holmes 100 DPI font
xorg-font-bh-75dpi:standard X.org Bigelow & Holmes 75 DPI font
xorg-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi:standard X.org Bigelow&Holmes Lucida Typewriter 100dpi font
xorg-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi:standard X.org Bigelow&Holmes Lucida Typewriter 75dpi font
xorg-font-bh-ttf:standard X.Org Bigelow & Holmes TTF font
xorg-font-bh-type1:standard X.org Bigelow & Holmes Type 1 fonts
xorg-font-bitstream-100dpi:standard X.org Bitstream 100 DPI font
xorg-font-bitstream-75dpi:standard X.org Bitstream 75 DPI font
xorg-font-bitstream-type1:standard X.org Bitstream Type 1 fonts
xorg-font-cronyx-cyrillic:standard X.org Cronyx Cyrillic font
xorg-font-cursor-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Cursor fonts
xorg-font-daewoo-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Daewoo fonts
xorg-font-dec-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous DEC fonts
xorg-font-ibm-type1:standard X.org IBM Type 1 fonts
xorg-font-isas-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous ISAS fonts
xorg-font-jis-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous JIS fonts
xorg-font-micro-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Micro fonts
xorg-font-misc-cyrillic:standard X.org Miscellaneous Cyrillic font
xorg-font-misc-ethiopic:standard X.Org miscellaneous Ethiopic font
xorg-font-misc-meltho:standard X.Org miscellaneous Meltho font
xorg-font-misc-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous fonts
xorg-font-mutt-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Mutt fonts
xorg-font-schumacher-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Schumacher fonts
xorg-font-screen-cyrillic:standard X.org Screen Cyrillic font
xorg-font-sony-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Sony fonts
xorg-font-sun-misc:standard X.Org miscellaneous Arabic fonts
xorg-font-winitzki-cyrillic:standard X.org Winitzki Cyrillic font
xorg-font-xfree86-type1:standard X.org XFree86 Type 1 fonts