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Summary Registers external CLI commands (3.9)
Package version 1.1.1
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Maintainer Python Automaton
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Last modified 20 NOV 2021, 04:14:38 UTC
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single ============= click-plugins ============= An extension module for [click] to register external CLI commands via setuptools entry-points. Why? ---- Lets say you develop a commandline interface and someone requests a new feature that is absolutely related to your project but would have negative consequences like additional dependencies, major refactoring, or maybe its just too domain specific to be supported directly. Rather than developing a separate standalone utility you could offer up a [setuptools entry point] that allows others to use your commandline utility as a home for their related sub-commands. You get to choose where these sub-commands or sub-groups CAN be registered but the plugin developer gets to choose they ARE registered. You could have all plugins register alongside the core commands, in a special sub-group, across multiple sub-groups, or some combination. Enabling Plugins ---------------- For a more detailed example see the [examples] section. The only requirement is decorating `` with click_plugins.with_plugins()`` which handles attaching external commands and groups. In this case the core CLI developer registers CLI plugins from ``core_package.cli_plugins``. .. code-block:: python from pkg_resources import iter_entry_points import click from click_plugins import with_plugins @with_plugins(iter_entry_points('core_package.cli_plugins')) def cli(): """Commandline interface for yourpackage.""" @cli.command() def subcommand(): """Subcommand that does something.""" Developing Plugins ------------------ Plugin developers need to register their sub-commands or sub-groups to an entry-point in their ```` that is loaded by the core package. .. code-block:: python from setuptools import setup setup( name='yourscript', version='0.1', py_modules=['yourscript'], install_requires=[ 'click', ], entry_points=''' [core_package.cli_plugins] cool_subcommand=yourscript.cli:cool_subcommand another_subcommand=yourscript.cli:another_subcommand ''', ) Broken and Incompatible Plugins ------------------------------- Any sub-command or sub-group that cannot be loaded is caught and converted to a ``click_plugins.core.BrokenCommand()`` rather than just crashing the entire CLI. The short-help is converted to a warning message like: .. code-block:: console Warning: could not load plugin. See `` --help``. and if the sub-command or group is executed the entire traceback is printed. Best Practices and Extra Credit ------------------------------- Opening a CLI to plugins encourages other developers to independently extend
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