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Summary Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
Package version 0.9.29
Homepage https://github.com/LMDB/lmdb
Keywords databases
Maintainer nobody
License OpenLDAP Public License
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Last modified 19 APR 2022, 05:02:22 UTC
Port created 29 SEP 2017, 21:31:44 UTC
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single LMDB is an ultra-fast, ultra-compact key-value data store developed by Symas for the OpenLDAP Project. It uses memory-mapped files, so it has the read performance of a pure in-memory database while still offering the persistence of standard disk-based databases, and is only limited to the size of the virtual address space, (it is not limited to the size of physical RAM). LMDB was originally called MDB, but was renamed to avoid confusion with other software associated with the name MDB.
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main https://git.openldap.org/openldap/openldap/-/archive/LMDB_0.9.29/
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182e69af99788b445585b8075bbca89ae8101069fbeee25b2756fb9590e833f8 117032 openldap-LMDB_0.9.29.tar.bz2
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