Port variant standard
Summary Query for a selection and print to stdout
Package version 7.4
Keywords graphics, x11
Maintainer Leonid Bobrov
License GPLv3
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Last modified 14 JAN 2020, 19:33:06 UTC
Port created 03 OCT 2018, 13:41:12 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single slop (Select Operation) is an application that querys for a selection from the user and prints the region to stdout. It grabs the mouse and turns it into a crosshair, lets the user click and drag to make a selection (or click on a window) while drawing a pretty box around it, then finally prints the selection's dimensions to stdout. Features: * Hovering over a window will cause a selection rectangle to appear over it. * Clicking on a window makes slop return the dimensions of the window. * Clicking and dragging causes a selection rectangle to appear, renders pretty well (compared to scrot). And will return the dimensions of that rectangle in absolute screen coords. * On startup it turns your cursor into a crosshair, then adjusts the cursor into angles as you drag the selection rectangle. * Supports simple arguments: * Change selection rectangle border size. * Select X display. * Set padding size, even negative padding sizes! * Set click tolerance for if you have a shaky mouse. * Set the color of the selection rectangles to match your theme! (Even supports transparency!) * Remove window decorations from selections.
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