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Summary Binding to NaCl Cryptography library (PY38)
Package version 1.4.0
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Last modified 27 DEC 2020, 06:48:23 UTC
Port created 05 FEB 2019, 15:55:37 UTC
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single =============================================== PyNaCl: Python binding to the libsodium library =============================================== :alt: Latest Version :alt: Compatible Python Versions PyNaCl is a Python binding to `libsodium`_, which is a fork of the `Networking and Cryptography library`_. These libraries have a stated goal of improving usability, security and speed. It supports Python 2.7 and 3.5+ as well as PyPy 2.6+. .. _libsodium: .. _Networking and Cryptography library: Features -------- * Digital signatures * Secret-key encryption * Public-key encryption * Hashing and message authentication * Password based key derivation and password hashing `Changelog`_ ------------ .. _Changelog: Installation ============ Binary wheel install -------------------- PyNaCl ships as a binary wheel on macOS, Windows and Linux manylinux1 [#many]_ , so all dependencies are included. Make sure you have an up-to-date pip and run: .. code-block:: console $ pip install pynacl Linux source build ------------------ PyNaCl relies on `libsodium`_, a portable C library. A copy is bundled with PyNaCl so to install you can run: .. code-block:: console $ pip install pynacl If you'd prefer to use the version of libsodium provided by your distribution, you can disable the bundled copy during install by running: .. code-block:: console $ SODIUM_INSTALL=system pip install pynacl .. warning:: Usage of the legacy easy_install command provided by setuptools is generally discouraged, and is completely unsupported in PyNaCl's case. .. _libsodium: .. [#many] [manylinux1 wheels] are built on a baseline linux environment based on Centos 5.11 and should work on most x86 and x86_64 glibc based linux environments. Changelog ========= 1.4.0 (2020-05-25) ------------------ * Update libsodium to 1.0.18. * **BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE:** We no longer distribute 32-bit manylinux1 wheels. Continuing to produce them was a maintenance burden. * Added support for Python 3.8, and removed support for Python 3.4. * Add low level bindings for extracting the seed and the public key from crypto_sign_ed25519 secret key * Add low level bindings for deterministic random generation. * Add wheel and setuptools setup_requirements in ```` (#485) * Fix checks on very slow builders (#481, #495) * Add low-level bindings to ed25519 arithmetic functions * Update low-level blake2b state implementation * Fix wrong short-input behavior of SealedBox.decrypt() (#517) * Raise CryptPrefixError exception instead of InvalidkeyError when trying to check a password against a verifier stored in a unknown format (#519) * Add support for minimal builds of libsodium. Trying to call functions not available in a minimal build will raise an UnavailableError exception. To compile a minimal build of the bundled libsodium, set the SODIUM_INSTALL_MINIMAL environment variable to any non-empty string (e.g. ``SODIUM_INSTALL_MINIMAL=1``) for setup.
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PY38 ON Build using Python 3.8 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
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python-paramiko:py38 SSH2 protocol library (PY38)