Port variant I386_R12
Summary FreeBSD C/Ada cross-compiler sysroot (I386/R12)
Exclude architecture aarch64
Package version 3
Keywords lang
Maintainer John Marino
License Not yet specified
Other variants ARM64_R11 | AMD64_R12
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Last modified 09 MAY 2022, 22:55:21 UTC
Port created 10 OCT 2017, 22:02:15 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single This package contains the system root of FreeBSD I386 Release 12. It is used as the basis of an Ada-capable GCC cross-compiler.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
AMD64R12 OFF Package FreeBSD/AMD64 12.2-CURRENT system root ARM64R11 OFF Package FreeBSD/ARM64 Release 11.3 system root I386R12 ON Package FreeBSD/I386 12.2-CURRENT system root
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This package has no dependency requirements of any kind.
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0c1ee2bdbec3b6b404edef6858f38f5cdacd727abc53b1dee23910cab939d0c1 97990888 gnatcross/freebsd/base.txz 8bd49ce35c340a04029266fbbe82b1fdfeb914263e39579eecafb2e67d00693a 183296096 gnatcross/freebsd/base-12.2-20201023.txz bc333a1f05c13dd00d65025ae4cd8b88daa9c3c4839c331bfae2acafa1e069f5 170520220 gnatcross/freebsd/base-i386-12.2-20201023.txz
Ports that require gnatcross-sysroot-freebsd:I386_R12
gnatcross-binutils:FI386_R12 C/Ada cross-compiler linker (FreeBSD/I386 R12)