Port variant standard
Summary JSON (RFC 4627) interface for Glib
Package version 1.4.4
Homepage https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/JsonGlib
Keywords devel
Maintainer Michael Reim
License LGPL21+
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 26 NOV 2019, 05:40:10 UTC
Port created 09 DEC 2017, 15:55:04 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single JSON-GLib is a library providing serialization and deserialization support for the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format described by RFC 4627. It is a C library based on GLib and provides parser and a generator GObject classes as well as various wrappers for the complex data types employed by JSON (such as arrays and objects). To do so it uses GLib native data types and the generic value container GValue for ease of development. It also provides integration with the GObject classes for direct serialization into, and deserialization from, JSON data streams.
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Build (only) gmake:single:standard
Build and Runtime glib:single:standard
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main http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/json-glib/1.4/
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720c5f4379513dc11fd97dc75336eb0c0d3338c53128044d9fabec4374f4bc47 165584 json-glib-1.4.4.tar.xz
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