Port variant 532
Summary HTML parser class (5.32)
Package version 3.78
Keywords perl
Maintainer Perl Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants 534
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Last modified 29 MAR 2022, 01:22:57 UTC
Port created 12 JUN 2017, 01:19:57 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single HTML parser class
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
PERL_532 ON Build using Perl 5.32 PERL_534 OFF Build using Perl 5.34
Package Dependencies by Type
Build and Runtime perl-HTML-Tagset:single:532
Download groups
main mirror://CPAN/ID:O/OA/OALDERS
Distribution File Information
22564002f206af94c1dd8535f02b0d9735125d9ebe89dd0ff9cd6c000e29c29d 120723 HTML-Parser-3.78.tar.gz
Ports that require perl-HTML-Parser:532
perl-Algorithm-Diff-HTMLTable:532 Show differences of a file as a HTML table (5.32)
perl-CGI:532 Common Gateway Interface actions (5.32)
perl-Finance-Quote:532 Get quotes from various stock exchanges (5.32)
perl-HTML-TableExtract:532 HTML table information extractor (5.32)
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple:532 Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface (5.32)
perl-HTML-Tree:532 Work with HTML in a DOM-like tree structure (5.32)
perl-Mail-SpamAssassin:532 Extensible mail filter that identifies spam (5.32)
perl-Padre:532 Perl Application Dev. and Refactoring Env (5.32)
perl-Plack-Middleware-FixMissingBodyInRedirect:532 Plack::Middleware for redirect response (5.32)
perl-Web-Scraper:532 Web Scraping Toolkit (5.32)
perl-libwww-perl:532 World-Wide Web library for Perl (5.32)