Port variant standard
Summary X11 brightness and gamma control
Package version 0.3
Homepage http://disjunkt.com/xbrightness/
Keywords x11
Maintainer nobody
License Not yet specified
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 26 NOV 2019, 05:40:10 UTC
Port created 10 JAN 2018, 15:57:43 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single This package contains xbrightness, a commandline tool for altering the brightness (and optionally gamma) through the X server. This version has been augmented by Akkana to brightness query and bump up/bump down features. See: http://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/brightness-contrast-in-x.html
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Build (only) imake:single:standard
Build and Runtime xorg-x11:single:standard
Download groups
main http://shallowsky.com/software/xbrightness/
Distribution File Information
2564dbd393544657cdabe4cbf535d9cfb9abe8edddb1b8cdb1ed4d12f358626e 13239 xbrightness-0.3-mika-akk.tar.gz
Ports that require xbrightness:standard
lumina-core:standard Core components of the Lumina Desktop