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Summary Bridge between UFOs and FontTools (3.10)
Package version 2.28.0
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Maintainer Python Automaton
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Last modified 25 JUL 2022, 23:38:49 UTC
Port created 03 JAN 2020, 01:03:23 UTC
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single |GitHub Actions status| |PyPI Version| |Codecov| |Gitter Chat| ufo2ft ====== ufo2ft ("UFO to FontTools") is a fork of [ufo2fdk] whose goal is to generate OpenType font binaries from UFOs without the FDK dependency. The library provides two functions, compileOTF and compileTTF, which work exactly the same way: Color fonts ~~~~~~~~~~~ ufo2ft supports building COLR and CPAL tables. If there is ``com.github.googlei18n.ufo2ft.colorPalettes`` key in font lib, and ``com.github.googlei18n.ufo2ft.colorLayerMapping`` key in the font or in any of the glyphs lib, then ufo2ft will build CPAL table from the color palettes, and COLR table from the color layers. colorPalettes is a array of palettes, each palette is a array of colors and each color is a array of floats representing RGBA colors. For example: .. code:: xml com.github.googlei18n.ufo2ft.colorPalettes 0.26 0.0 0.23 1.0 0.86 0.73 0.28 1.0 colorLayerMapping is a array of color layers, each color layer is a array of layer name and palette color index. It is a per-glyph key, but if present in the font lib then it will be used for all glyphs that lack it. For example: .. code:: xml com.github.googlei18n.ufo2ft.colorLayerMapping color.1 1 color.2 0 With these this key present, ufo2ft will copy the color layers into individual glyphs and setup COLR table. Alternatively, if the color layers are already separate UFO glyphs, the ``com.github.googlei18n.ufo2ft.colorLayers`` font lib key can be used. It uses a table keyed by base glyph, and the value is an array of color layers, each color layer is an array of glyph name and palette color index. For example: .. code:: xml com.github.googlei18n.ufo2ft.colorLayers alef-ar alef-ar.color0 2 alefHamzaabove-ar alefHamzaabove-ar.color0 1 alefHamzaabove-ar.color1 2
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PY310 ON Build using Python 3.10 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
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