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Summary Javascript Minifier (3.9)
Package version 1.2.1
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Last modified 07 AUG 2022, 15:44:05 UTC
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single ===================== Javascript Minifier ===================== rJSmin is a javascript minifier written in python. The minifier is based on the semantics of `jsmin.c by Douglas Crockford`_\. The module is a re-implementation aiming for speed, so it can be used at runtime (rather than during a preprocessing step). Usually it produces the same results as the original ``jsmin.c``. It differs in the following ways: - there is no error detection: unterminated string, regex and comment literals are treated as regular javascript code and minified as such. - Control characters inside string and regex literals are left untouched; they are not converted to spaces (nor to \n) - Newline characters are not allowed inside string and regex literals, except for line continuations in string literals (ECMA-5). - "return /regex/" is recognized correctly. - More characters are allowed before regexes. - Line terminators after regex literals are handled more sensibly - "+ +" and "- -" sequences are not collapsed to '++' or '--' - Newlines before ! operators are removed more sensibly - (Unnested) template literals are supported (ECMA-6) - Comments starting with an exclamation mark (``!``) can be kept optionally - rJSmin does not handle streams, but only complete strings. (However, the module provides a "streamy" interface). Since most parts of the logic are handled by the regex engine it's way faster than the original python port of ``jsmin.c`` by Baruch Even. The speed factor varies between about 6 and 55 depending on input and python version (it gets faster the more compressed the input already is). Compared to the speed-refactored python port by Dave St.Germain the performance gain is less dramatic but still between 3 and 50 (for huge inputs)). See the docs/BENCHMARKS file for details. rjsmin.c is a reimplementation of in C and speeds it up even more. Supported python versions are 2.7 and 3.6+. .. _jsmin.c by Douglas Crockford: Copyright and License ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright 2011 - 2022 André Malo or his licensors, as applicable. The whole package (except for the files in the bench/ directory) is distributed under the Apache License Version 2.0. You'll find a copy in the root directory of the distribution or online at: . Bugs ~~~~ No bugs, of course. ;-) But if you've found one or have an idea how to improve rjsmin, feel free to send a pull request on [github] or send a mail to . Author Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ André "nd" Malo GPG: 0x029C942244325167 If God intended people to be naked, they would be born that way. -- Oscar Wilde .. vim:tw=72 syntax=rest
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