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Summary Functional Programming Tools
Package version 1.0.2
Homepage https://purrr.tidyverse.org/
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Maintainer CRAN Automaton
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Last modified 13 AUG 2023, 17:55:46 UTC
Port created 14 APR 2020, 06:14:40 UTC
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single purrr: Functional Programming Tools A complete and consistent functional programming toolkit for R.
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Build (only) gmake:primary:standard
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Runtime (only) R:primary:standard
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main mirror://CRAN/src/contrib
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2c1bc6bb88433dff0892b41136f2f5c23573b335ff35a4775c72aa57b48bbb63 220868 CRAN/purrr_1.0.2.tar.gz
Ports that require R-purrr:standard
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R-alphavantager:standard Lightweight Interface to the Alpha Vantage API
R-broom:standard Convert statistical analysis into Tidy tibbles
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R-dials:standard Tools for Creating Tuning Parameter Values
R-furrr:standard Apply Mapping Functions in Parallel using Futures
R-ggmap:standard Spatial Visualization with ggplot2
R-googledrive:standard Interface to Google Drive
R-googlesheets4:standard Access Google Sheets using the Sheets API V4
R-infer:standard Tidy Statistical Inference
R-janitor:standard Simple Tools for Examining and Cleaning Dirty Data
R-modeldata:standard Data Sets Useful for Modeling Examples
R-modelr:standard Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe
R-parsnip:standard Common API to Modeling and Analysis Functions
R-pkgdown:standard Make Static HTML Documentation for a Package
R-plotly:standard Create Interactive Web Graphics via 'plotly.js'
R-profvis:standard Interactive Visualizations for Profiling R Code
R-recipes:standard Preprocessing Tools to Create Design Matrices
R-riingo:standard R Interface to the 'Tiingo' Stock Price API
R-roxygen2:standard In-Line Documentation for R
R-rsample:standard General Resampling Infrastructure
R-tidymodels:standard Easily Install and Load the 'Tidymodels' Packages
R-tidyquant:standard Tidy Quantitative Financial Analysis
R-tidyr:standard Tidy Messy Data
R-tidytext:standard Text mining tool
R-tidyverse:standard Easily Install and Load the 'Tidyverse'
R-timetk:standard Tool Kit for Working with Time Series
R-tsfeatures:standard Time Series Feature Extraction
R-tune:standard Tidy Tuning Tools
R-usethis:standard Automate Package and Project Setup
R-workflowsets:standard Create a Collection of 'tidymodels' Workflows