Port variant standard
Summary Ada thin bindings for SDL (GPLv3)
Package version 2013
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Keywords devel
Maintainer John Marino
License Not yet specified
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Last modified 25 JUN 2021, 13:30:49 UTC
Port created 19 JUN 2017, 21:55:19 UTC
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single The Ada compiler package GNAT GPL 2013 from Adacore contained a set of thin bindings for the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). These bindings have been pulled out and packaged as a separate library. It should be noted that they are covered by the full GPLv3 which is not a typical license for thin bindings.
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7738cd41abfe00545bc7ab1ec0838074106e098052ba5f2a2bcce280721011ab 67370 sdl_gnat-2013.tar.bz2
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