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Summary Asynchronous networking framework (3.10)
Package version 22.8.0
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single Twisted ======= |gitter|_ |rtd|_ |pypi|_ |mypy|_ For information on changes in this release, see the [NEWS] file. What is this? ------------- Twisted is an event-based framework for internet applications, supporting Python 3.6+. It includes modules for many different purposes, including the following: - ``twisted.web``: HTTP clients and servers, HTML templating, and a WSGI server - ``twisted.conch``: SSHv2 and Telnet clients and servers and terminal emulators - ``twisted.words``: Clients and servers for IRC, XMPP, and other IM protocols - ``twisted.mail``: IMAPv4, POP3, SMTP clients and servers - ``twisted.positioning``: Tools for communicating with NMEA-compatible GPS receivers - ``twisted.names``: DNS client and tools for making your own DNS servers - ``twisted.trial``: A unit testing framework that integrates well with Twisted-based code. Twisted supports all major system event loops -- select (all platforms), poll (most POSIX platforms), epoll (Linux), kqueue (FreeBSD, macOS), IOCP (Windows), and various GUI event loops (GTK+2/3, Qt, wxWidgets). Third-party reactors can plug into Twisted, and provide support for additional event loops. Installing ---------- To install the latest version of Twisted using pip:: $ pip install twisted Additional instructions for installing this software are in [the installation instructions]. Documentation and Support ------------------------- Twisted's documentation is available from the [Twisted Matrix website]. This documentation contains how-tos, code examples, and an API reference. Help is also available on the [Twisted mailing list]. There is also an IRC channel, ``#twisted``, on the `Libera.Chat `_ network. A web client is available at ` `_. Unit Tests ---------- Twisted has a comprehensive test suite, which can be run by tox:: $ tox -l # to view all test environments $ tox -e nocov # to run all the tests without coverage $ tox -e withcov # to run all the tests with coverage $ tox -e alldeps-withcov-posix # install all dependencies, run tests with coverage on POSIX platform You can test running the test suite under the different reactors with the TWISTED_REACTOR environment variable:: $ env TWISTED_REACTOR=epoll tox -e alldeps-withcov-posix Some of these tests may fail if you: * don't have the dependencies required for a particular subsystem installed, * have a firewall blocking some ports (or things like Multicast, which Linux NAT has shown itself to do), or * run them as root. Static Code Checkers -------------------- You can ensure that code complies to Twisted [coding standards]:: $ tox -e lint # run pre-commit to check coding stanards $ tox -e mypy # run MyPy static type checker to check for type errors Or, for speed, use pre-commit directly:: $ pipx run pre-commit run Copyright --------- All of the code in this distribution is Copyright (c) 2001-2022 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.
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