Port variant standard
Summary USB mode switching tool
Only for platform freebsd | dragonfly
Package version 2.6.1
Keywords sysutils
Maintainer Michael Reim
License GPLv2+
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Last modified 18 JUN 2022, 06:18:39 UTC
Port created 15 APR 2018, 17:30:26 UTC
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single USB_ModeSwitch is (surprise!) a mode switching tool for controlling 'multi-mode' USB devices. More and more USB devices (especially high-speed WAN stuff, based on cell phone chipsets which are able to change their USB connection mode) have their MS Windows drivers onboard; when plugged in for the first time they act like a flash storage and start installing the driver from there. After installation (and on every consecutive plugging) the driver switches the mode internally, the storage device vanishes (in most cases), and a new device (like an USB modem) shows up. Modem maker "Option" calls that feature "ZeroCD (TM)" since it eliminates the need for shipping a separate driver carrier. On *nix platform this does not work for obvious reasons and the required mode switching has to be triggered manually. USB_ModeSwitch makes this process easy to handle by taking the important parameters from a configuration file and doing all the initialization and communication stuff, with heavy help from "libusb".
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Build (only) gmake:primary:standard
Build and Runtime libusb:single:standard (linux)
Runtime (only) usb-modeswitch-data:single:standard
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