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single [PyPI version] [Python Support] [![]]( [GitHub last commit] [codecov] # **NOTE**: The PyPDF2 project is going back to its roots. PyPDF2==3.0.X will be the last version of PyPDF2. Development will continue with [`pypdf==3.1.0`]. # PyPDF2 PyPDF2 is a free and open-source pure-python PDF library capable of splitting, [merging], [cropping, and transforming] the pages of PDF files. It can also add custom data, viewing options, and [passwords] to PDF files. PyPDF2 can [retrieve text] and [metadata] from PDFs as well. ## Installation You can install PyPDF2 via pip: ` pip install PyPDF2 ` If you plan to use PyPDF2 for encrypting or decrypting PDFs that use AES, you will need to install some extra dependencies. Encryption using RC4 is supported using the regular installation. ``` pip install PyPDF2[crypto] ``` ## Usage ```python from PyPDF2 import PdfReader reader = PdfReader("example.pdf") number_of_pages = len(reader.pages) page = reader.pages[0] text = page.extract_text() ``` PyPDF2 can do a lot more, e.g. splitting, merging, reading and creating annotations, decrypting and encrypting, and more. Please see [the documentation] for more usage examples! A lot of questions are asked and answered [on StackOverflow]. ## Contributions Maintaining PyPDF2 is a collaborative effort. You can support PyPDF2 by writing documentation, helping to narrow down issues, and adding code. ### Q&A The experience PyPDF2 users have covers the whole range from beginners who want to make their live easier to experts who developed software before PDF existed. You can contribute to the PyPDF2 community by answering questions on [StackOverflow], helping in [discussions], and asking users who report issues for [MCVE]'s (Code + example PDF!). ### Issues A good bug ticket includes a MCVE - a minimal complete verifiable example. For PyPDF2, this means that you must upload a PDF that causes the bug to occur as well as the code you're executing with all of the output. Use `print(PyPDF2.__version__)` to tell us which version you're using. ### Code All code contributions are welcome, but smaller ones have a better chance to get included in a timely manner. Adding unit tests for new features or test cases for bugs you've fixed help us to ensure that the Pull Request (PR) is fine. PyPDF2 includes a test suite which can be executed with `pytest`: ```bash $ pytest ===================== test session starts ===================== platform linux -- Python 3.6.15, pytest-7.0.1, pluggy-1.0.0
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