Port variant v11
Summary Revision control system plugin for Git (3.11)
Package version 1.2
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants v12
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Last modified 09 OCT 2023, 04:40:21 UTC
Port created 20 APR 2020, 15:00:59 UTC
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single About ----- This is a plugin for setuptools that enables git integration. Once installed, Setuptools can be told to include in a package distribution all the files tracked by git. This is an alternative to explicit inclusion specifications with ````. A package distribution here refers to a package that you create using, for example:: $> python sdist $> python bdist_rpm $> python bdist_egg This package was formerly known as gitlsfiles. The name change is the result of an effort by the setuptools plugin developers to provide a uniform naming convention. Installation ------------ With easy_install:: $> easy_install setuptools_git Alternative manual installation:: $> tar -zxvf setuptools_git-X.Y.Z.tar.gz $> cd setuptools_git-X.Y.Z $> python install Where X.Y.Z is a version number. Usage ----- To activate this plugin, you must first package your python module with ```` and use setuptools. The former is well documented in the [distutils manual]. To use setuptools instead of distutils, just edit ```` and change: .. code-block:: python from distutils.core import setup to: .. code-block:: python from setuptools import setup, find_packages When Setuptools builds a source package, it always includes all files tracked by your revision control system, if it knows how to learn what those files are. When Setuptools builds a binary package, you can ask it to include all files tracked by your revision control system, by adding these argument to your invocation of `setup()`: .. code-block:: python setup(..., packages=find_packages(), include_package_data=True, ...) which will detect that a directory is a package if it contains a ```` file. Alternatively, you can do without ```` files and tell Setuptools explicitly which packages to process: .. code-block:: python setup(..., packages=["a_package", "another_one"], include_package_data=True, ...) This plugin lets setuptools know what files are tracked by your git revision control tool. Setuptools ships with support for cvs and subversion. Other plugins like this one are available for bzr, darcs, monotone, mercurial, and many others. It might happen that you track files with your revision control system that you don't want to include in your packages. In that case, you can prevent setuptools from packaging those files with a directive in your ````, for example:: exclude .gitignore recursive-exclude images *.xcf *.blend In this example, we prevent setuptools from packaging ``.gitignore and the Gimp and Blender source files found under the images`` directory. Files to exclude from the package can also be listed in the `setup()` directive. To do the same as the above, do: .. code-block:: python
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PY311 ON Build using Python 3.11 PY312 OFF Build using Python 3.12
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Build (only) python-pip:single:v11
Build and Runtime python311:single:standard
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