Port variant standard
Summary Dump DMI/SMBIOS information as human-readable text
Exclude architecture aarch64
Package version 3.3
Keywords sysutils
Maintainer Michael Reim
License GPLv2+
Other variants There are no other variants.
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Last modified 17 OCT 2020, 18:03:10 UTC
Port created 27 JUL 2018, 16:38:13 UTC
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single Dmidecode reports information about your system's hardware as described in your system BIOS according to the SMBIOS/DMI standard. This information typically includes system manufacturer, model name, serial number, BIOS version, asset tag as well as a lot of other details of varying level of interest and reliability depending on the manufacturer. It will often include usage status for the CPU sockets, expansion slots (e.g. AGP, PCI, ISA) and memory module slots, and the list of I/O ports (e.g. serial, parallel, USB). DMI data can be used to enable or disable specific portions of kernel code depending on the specific hardware. Thus, one use of dmidecode is for kernel developers to detect system "signatures" and add them to the kernel source code when needed. Beware that DMI data have proven to be too unreliable to be blindly trusted. Dmidecode does not scan your hardware, it only reports what the BIOS told it to.
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