Port variant py310
Summary PyPA tool for installing python packages (3.10)
Package version 22.1.1
Keywords python
Maintainer Python Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants py39
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Last modified 22 MAY 2022, 14:00:47 UTC
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single pip - The Python Package Installer ================================== pip is the `package installer`_ for Python. You can use pip to install packages from the `Python Package Index`_ and other indexes. Please take a look at our documentation for how to install and use pip: * `Installation`_ * `Usage`_ We release updates regularly, with a new version every 3 months. Find more details in our documentation: * `Release notes`_ * `Release process`_ In pip 20.3, we've `made a big improvement to the heart of pip`_; `learn more`_. We want your input, so `sign up for our user experience research studies`_ to help us do it right. **Note**: pip 21.0, in January 2021, removed Python 2 support, per pip's `Python 2 support policy`_. Please migrate to Python 3. If you find bugs, need help, or want to talk to the developers, please use our mailing lists or chat rooms: * `Issue tracking`_ * `Discourse channel`_ * `User IRC`_ If you want to get involved head over to GitHub to get the source code, look at our development documentation and feel free to jump on the developer mailing lists and chat rooms: * `GitHub page`_ * `Development documentation`_ * `Development mailing list`_ * `Development IRC`_ Code of Conduct --------------- Everyone interacting in the pip project's codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms, and mailing lists is expected to follow the `PSF Code of Conduct`_. .. _package installer: .. _Python Package Index: .. _Installation: .. _Usage: .. _Release notes: .. _Release process: .. _GitHub page: .. _Development documentation: .. _made a big improvement to the heart of pip: .. _learn more: .. _sign up for our user experience research studies: .. _Python 2 support policy: .. _Issue tracking: .. _Discourse channel: .. _Development mailing list: .. _User IRC: .. _Development IRC: .. _PSF Code of Conduct:
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PY310 ON Build using Python 3.10 PY39 OFF Build using Python 3.9
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Build (only) python-setuptools:single:py310
Build and Runtime python310:single:standard
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8dfb15d8a1c3d3085a4cbe11f29e19527dfaf2ba99354326fd62cec013eaee81 2112307 pip-22.1.1.tar.gz
Ports that require python-pip:py310
python-Automat:py310 Self-service finite-state machines (3.10)
python-Babel:py310 Internationalization utilities (3.10)
python-ConfigArgParse:py310 Drop-in replacement for argparse (3.10)
python-Cython:py310 Compiler to write C extensions for Python (3.10)
python-Deprecated:py310 Implements @deprecated decorator (3.10)
python-Django:py310 High-level Python Web framework (3.10)
python-Flask-Cors:py310 Cross Origin Resource Sharing extension (3.10)
python-Flask-RESTful:py310 Simple framework for creating REST APIs (3.10)
python-Flask:py310 Lightweight WSGI web application framework (3.10)
python-FormEncode:py310 HTML form validation and generation package (3.10)
python-GitPython:py310 Python Git Library (3.10)
python-Jinja2:py310 Fully featured template engine (3.10)
python-Mako:py310 Super-fast template library (3.10)
python-Markdown:py310 Python implementation of Markdown (3.10)
python-PyPDF2:py310 Pure Python PDF Toolkit (3.10)
python-Pygments:py310 Syntax highlighting package (3.10)
python-Sphinx:py310 Python documentation generator (3.10)
python-Twisted:py310 Asynchronous networking framework (3.10)
python-Werkzeug:py310 Comprehensive WSGI web application library (3.10)
python-acme-tiny:py310 Issue and renew Let's Encrypt TLS certs (3.10)
python-alabaster:py310 Configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme (3.10)
python-amqp:py310 Low-level AMQP client (3.10)
python-aniso8601:py310 Library for parsing ISO 8601 strings (3.10)
python-ansible-core:py310 Radically simple IT automation (3.10)
python-appdirs:py310 Determines platform-specific directores (3.10)
python-asgiref:py310 ASGI specs, helper code, and adapters (3.10)
python-asn1:py310 Simple ASN.1 encoder and decoder (3.10)
python-asn1crypto:py310 Performant ASN.1 handling library (3.10)
python-astroid:py310 Abstract syntax tree with inference support (3.10)
python-async-timeout:py310 Asyncio-compatible timeout context manager (3.10)
python-atomicwrites:py310 Atomic file writes (3.10)
python-attrs:py310 Classes Without Boilerplate (3.10)
python-autopep8:py310 Automatic Python code formatter (3.10)
python-backports.entry-points-selectable:py310 Compatibility shim for importlib_metadata (3.10)
python-backports_abc:py310 Containers Base Classes backported fixes (3.10)
python-beautifulsoup4:py310 Screen-scraping library (3.10)
python-beniget:py310 Python static analyzer (3.10)
python-billiard:py310 Multiprocessing Pool Extensions (3.10)
python-black:py310 Uncompromising code formatter (3.10)
python-booleanOperations:py310 Boolean operations on paths (3.10)
python-botocore:py310 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3 (3.10)
python-breathe:py310 Sphinx Doxygen renderer (3.10)
python-cached-property:py310 Decorator for caching properties in classes (3.10)
python-cachetools:py310 Extensible memoizing collections (3.10)
python-cattrs:py310 Composable complex class support for attrs (3.10)
python-celery:py310 Distributed Task Queue (3.10)
python-certifi:py310 Collection of SSL Root Certificates (3.10)
python-chardet:py310 Universal character encoding detector (3.10)
python-charset-normalizer:py310 Charset Detection, for Everyone (3.10)
python-click-didyoumean:py310 Enables git-like did-you-mean feature (3.10)
python-click-log:py310 Logging integration for Click (3.10)
python-click-plugins:py310 Registers external CLI commands (3.10)
python-click-repl:py310 REPL plugin for Click (3.10)
python-click-threading:py310 Multithreaded Click apps made easy (3.10)
python-click:py310 Optparse wrapper for CLI capabilities (3.10)
python-colorama:py310 Cross-platform colored terminal text (3.10)
python-commonmark:py310 Parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec (3.10)
python-constantly:py310 Symbolic constants in Python (3.10)
python-coreapi:py310 Python client library for Core API (3.10)
python-css-html-js-minify:py310 CSS HTML JS Minifier (3.10)
python-cssselect:py310 CSS3 Selector parser and XPath translater (3.10)
python-cssutils:py310 Cascading Style Sheets library (3.10)
python-cu2qu:py310 Cubic-to-quadratic bezier curve conversion (3.10)
python-ddt:py310 Data-Driven/Decorated Tests (3.10)
python-decorator:py310 Decorators for Humans (3.10)
python-defusedxml:py310 XML bomb protection for stdlib modules (3.10)
python-deprecation:py310 Library to handle automated deprecations (3.10)
python-dill:py310 Serialize all of python (3.10)
python-distlib:py310 Distribution utilities (3.10)
python-distro:py310 Distro - an OS platform information API (3.10)
python-django-appconf:py310 Django configure defaults helper class (3.10)
python-django-celery:py310 Old django celery integration project (3.10)
python-django-colorful:py310 Django color field database (3.10)
python-django-compressor:py310 Django CSS/JS cache and compressor (3.10)
python-django-cors-headers:py310 Django handler for CORS server headers (3.10)
python-django-downloadview:py310 Serve files with Django and reverse-proxies (3.10)
python-django-formtools:py310 Set of abstractions for Django forms (3.10)
python-django-js-asset:py310 Django forms.Media script tag (3.10)
python-django-model-utils:py310 Django model mixins and utilities (3.10)
python-django-mptt:py310 Django Modified Preorder Tree Traversal (3.10)
python-django-solo:py310 Djanjo manipulator of database singletons (3.10)
python-django-stronghold:py310 Django app requiring login for all views (3.10)
python-django-suit:py310 Modern theme for Django admin interface (3.10)
python-django-widget-tweaks:py310 Django template form field customizer (3.10)
python-djangorestframework:py310 Web APIs for Django, made easy (3.10)
python-docutils:py310 Python Documentation Utilities (3.10)
python-drf-yasg:py310 Django Swagger/OpenAPI spec generator (3.10)
python-exceptiongroup:py310 Backport of PEP 654 (exception groups) (3.10)
python-eyed3:py310 Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3) (3.10)
python-filelock:py310 Platform independent file lock (3.10)
python-filetype:py310 Infer file and MIME type of file or buffer (3.10)
python-fontMath:py310 Perform math operations on font data (3.10)
python-fonttools:py310 Tools to manipulate font files (3.10)
python-fs:py310 Python's filesystem abstraction layer (3.10)
python-funcsigs:py310 Signature functions backport from 3.3 (3.10)
python-funcy:py310 Fancy and practical functional tools (3.10)
python-furl:py310 URL manipulation made simple (3.10)
python-gast:py310 Generic Abstract Syntax Tree (3.10)
python-gi-docgen:py310 Documentation tool for GObject-based libs (3.10)
python-gitdb:py310 Git Object Database (3.10)
python-google-i18n-address:py310 Address validation for Google's i18n DB (3.10)
python-graphviz:py310 Simple Python interface for Graphviz (3.10)
python-html5lib:py310 HTML parser based on WHATWG specification (3.10)
python-httplib2:py310 Comprehensive HTTP client library (3.10)
python-hyperlink:py310 Featureful, immutable, and correct URL (3.10)
python-idna:py310 Int. Domain Names in Applications (3.10)
python-imagesize:py310 Size utility for jpeg/png/gif images (3.10)
python-importlib-metadata:py310 Read metadata from Python packages (3.10)
python-importlib-resources:py310 Read resources from Python packages (3.10)
python-incremental:py310 Library for versioning python projects (3.10)
python-inflection:py310 Port of Ruby on Rails inflector to Python (3.10)
python-isort:py310 Utility library to sort Python imports (3.10)
python-itsdangerous:py310 Trusted data handlers for unsafe env (3.10)
python-itypes:py310 Simple immutable types for python (3.10)
python-jedi:py310 Static analysis and autocompletion library (3.10)
python-jmespath:py310 JSON Matching Expressions (3.10)
python-jsonpointer:py310 Identify specific nodes in a JSON document (3.10)
python-jsonschema:py310 Alternate implementation of JSON Schema (3.10)
python-kombu:py310 Messaging library for Python (3.10)
python-lazy-object-proxy:py310 Fast and thorough lazy object proxy (3.10)
python-libnacl:py310 Python bindings for libsodium (3.10)
python-mccabe:py310 McCabe checker, plugin for flake8 (3.10)
python-mock:py310 Rolling backport of standard mock library (3.10)
python-mutagen:py310 Read and write audio tags for many formats (3.10)
python-mypy-extensions:py310 Experimental extensions of mypy typechecker (3.10)
python-netaddr:py310 Network address manipulation library (3.10)
python-nose:py310 Extends unittest to make testing easier (3.10)
python-oauthlib:py310 Spec-compliant OAuth implementation (3.10)
python-orderedmultidict:py310 Ordered Multivalue Dictionary (3.10)
python-packaging:py310 Core utilities for Python packages (3.10)
python-paramiko:py310 SSH2 protocol library (3.10)
python-parso:py310 Python Parser (3.10)
python-passlib:py310 Comprehensive password hashing framework (3.10)
python-pathspec:py310 Library for git file pattern matching (3.10)
python-pbr:py310 Python Build Reasonableness (3.10)
python-pep8:py310 Python style guide checker (3.10)
python-pkgconfig:py310 Interface Python with pkg-config (3.10)
python-platformdirs:py310 Finds platform-specific directories (3.10)
python-ply:py310 Python Lex & Yacc (3.10)
python-polib:py310 Library to manipulate gettext files (3.10)
python-premailer:py310 Turns CSS blocks into style attributes (3.10)
python-prompt-toolkit:py310 Builds powerful interactive command lines (3.10)
python-protobuf:py310 Protocol Buffers (3.10)
python-pyasn1:py310 ASN.1 types and codecs (3.10)
python-pybind11:py310 Seamless operability with C++11 (3.10)
python-pycodestyle:py310 Python style guide checker (3.10)
python-pycparser:py310 C parser in Python (3.10)
python-pyflakes:py310 Passive checker of Python programs (3.10)
python-pylint:py310 Python code static checker (3.10)
python-pyparsing:py310 Defines and executes parsing grammers (3.10)
python-pytest-runner:py310 Scripts to add test support (3.10)
python-python-dateutil:py310 Extension to the standard datetime module (3.10)
python-python-gnupg:py310 Wrapper for the Gnu Privacy Guard library (3.10)
python-python-magic:py310 File type identification using libmagic (3.10)
python-pythran:py310 Ahead of Time compiler for numeric kernels (3.10)
python-pytz:py310 World timezone definitions (3.10)
python-pyxdg:py310 Implementation of standards (3.10)
python-recommonmark:py310 Docutils-compatibility bridge to CommonMark (3.10)
python-redis:py310 Redis database and key-value store client (3.10)
python-requests-oauthlib:py310 Authentication support for Requests (3.10)
python-requests-toolbelt:py310 Utilities collection for Requests (3.10)
python-requests:py310 Python HTTP for Humans (3.10)
python-resolvelib:py310 Abstract dependencies resolver library (3.10)
python-rfc3987:py310 Parsing and validation of URIs and IRIs (3.10)
python-ruamel.yaml:py310 YAML 1.2 parser/emitter (3.10)
python-scp:py310 Scp module for paramiko (3.10)
python-semantic-version:py310 Library implementing the 'SemVer' scheme (3.10)
python-setuptools-git-ls-files:py310 Invokes git to list all files (3.10)
python-setuptools-git:py310 Revision control system plugin for Git (3.10)
python-setuptools-rust:py310 Setuptools Rust extension plugin (3.10)
python-setuptools-scm-git-archive:py310 Setuptools_scm plugin for git archives (3.10)
python-setuptools-scm:py310 Package to manage versions by scm tags (3.10)
python-sh:py310 Python subprocess replacement (3.10)
python-singledispatch:py310 Backport of single-dispatch functions (3.10)
python-six:py310 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities (3.10)
python-smartypants:py310 Python with the SmartyPants (3.10)
python-smmap2:py310 Sliding memory map manager (3.10)
python-smmap:py310 Sliding window memory map manager (3.10)
python-snowballstemmer:py310 Snowball stemming library collection (3.10)
python-sortedcontainers:py310 Sorted List, Dict, and Set containers (3.10)
python-soupsieve:py310 Modern CSS selector implementation (3.10)
python-sphinx-rtd-theme:py310 Read the Docs theme for Sphinx (3.10)
python-sphinxcontrib-applehelp:py310 Sphinx extension: apple help books (3.10)
python-sphinxcontrib-devhelp:py310 Sphinx extension: Devhelp documents (3.10)
python-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp:py310 Sphinx extension: Help support via HTML (3.10)
python-sphinxcontrib-jsmath:py310 Sphinx extension: Math via javascript (3.10)
python-sphinxcontrib-qthelp:py310 Sphinx extension: QtHelp documents (3.10)
python-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml:py310 Sphinx extension: HTML serialization (3.10)
python-sqlparse:py310 Non-validating SQL parser (3.10)
python-statmake:py310 Applies STAT Stylespace to a variable font (3.10)
python-stevedore:py310 Dynamic plugins for Python applications (3.10)
python-swagger-spec-validator:py310 Validation of Swagger specifications (3.10)
python-toml:py310 Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language (3.10)
python-tomli:py310 Lil' TOML parser (3.10)
python-tqdm:py310 Fast, Extensible Progress Meter (3.10)
python-typing-extensions:py310 Backported type hints for Python 3.5+ (3.10)
python-tzdata:py310 Provider of IANA time zone data (3.10)
python-ufo2ft:py310 Bridge between UFOs and FontTools (3.10)
python-ufoLib2:py310 UfoLib2 is a UFO font processing library (3.10)
python-uritemplate:py310 Implementation of RFC 6570 URI Templates (3.10)
python-urllib3:py310 Powerful HTTP client library (3.10)
python-vdirsyncer:py310 Synchronize calendars and contacts (3.10)
python-vine:py310 Promises, promises, promises (3.10)
python-virtualenv:py310 Virtual Python Environment builder (3.10)
python-wcwidth:py310 Measures number of terminal column cells (3.10)
python-webencodings:py310 Legacy web character encoding aliases (3.10)
python-wheel:py310 Built-package format for Python (3.10)
python-yapf:py310 Formatter for Python code (3.10)
python-zipp:py310 Backport of pathlib wrapper for zip files (3.10)