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Summary Sorted List, Dict, and Set containers (3.9)
Package version 2.4.0
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Maintainer Python Automaton
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single Python Sorted Containers ======================== `Sorted Containers`_ is an Apache2 licensed `sorted collections library`_, written in pure-Python, and fast as C-extensions. Python's standard library is great until you need a sorted collections type. Many will attest that you can get really far without one, but the moment you **really need** a sorted list, sorted dict, or sorted set, you're faced with a dozen different implementations, most using C-extensions without great documentation and benchmarking. In Python, we can do better. And we can do it in pure-Python! Quickstart ---------- Installing `Sorted Containers`_ is simple with [pip ]:: $ pip install sortedcontainers You can access documentation in the interpreter with Python's built-in `help` function. The `help` works on modules, classes and methods in `Sorted Containers`_. .. code-block:: python >>> import sortedcontainers >>> help(sortedcontainers) >>> from sortedcontainers import SortedDict >>> help(SortedDict) >>> help(SortedDict.popitem) Documentation ------------- Complete documentation for `Sorted Containers`_ is available at User Guide .......... The user guide provides an introduction to `Sorted Containers`_ and extensive performance comparisons and analysis. - `Introduction`_ - `Performance Comparison`_ - `Load Factor Performance Comparison`_ - `Runtime Performance Comparison`_ - `Simulated Workload Performance Comparison`_ - `Performance at Scale`_ .. _`Introduction`: .. _`Performance Comparison`: .. _`Load Factor Performance Comparison`: .. _`Runtime Performance Comparison`: .. _`Simulated Workload Performance Comparison`: .. _`Performance at Scale`: Community Guide ............... The community guide provides information on the development of `Sorted Containers`_ along with support, implementation, and history details. - `Development and Support`_ - `Implementation Details`_ - `Release History`_ .. _`Development and Support`: .. _`Implementation Details`: .. _`Release History`: API Documentation ................. The API documentation provides information on specific functions, classes, and modules in the `Sorted Containers`_ package. - `Sorted List`_ - `Sorted Dict`_ - `Sorted Set`_ .. _`Sorted List`:
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PY310 OFF Build using Python 3.10 PY39 ON Build using Python 3.9
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python-intervaltree:py39 Editable interval tree data structure (3.9)