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Summary Spherical Geometry Operators from S2 library
Package version 1.0.7
Homepage https://r-spatial.github.io/s2/
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Maintainer CRAN Automaton
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Last modified 28 OCT 2021, 11:26:46 UTC
Port created 17 JUN 2021, 23:10:01 UTC
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single s2: Spherical Geometry Operators Using the S2 Geometry Library Provides R bindings for Google's s2 library for geometric calculations on the sphere. High-performance constructors and exporters provide high compatibility with existing spatial packages, transformers construct new geometries from existing geometries, predicates provide a means to select geometries based on spatial relationships, and accessors extract information about geometries.
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2010c1c6ae29938ec9cd153a8b2c06a333ea4d647932369b2fc7d0c68d6d9e3f 2235408 CRAN/s2_1.0.7.tar.gz
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