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Summary XML parser library for GNOME
Package version 2.9.10
Keywords textproc
Maintainer nobody
License Not yet specified
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single Libxml2 is the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome project (but usable outside of the Gnome platform). XML itself is a metalanguage to design markup languages, i.e. text language where semantic and structure are added to the content using extra "markup" information enclosed between angle brackets.
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Build (only) gmake:single:standard
Build and Runtime libiconv:shared:standard
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aafee193ffb8fe0c82d4afef6ef91972cbaf5feea100edc2f262750611b4be1f 5624761 gnome2/libxml2-2.9.10.tar.gz
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perl-Alien-Libxml2:530 Install the C libxml2 library on your syste (v530)
perl-XML-LibXML:528 Interface to Gnome libxml2 xml parsing and (v528)
perl-XML-LibXML:530 Interface to Gnome libxml2 xml parsing and (v530)
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php73-dom:standard PHP 7.3 extension: dom Document Object Model
php73-simplexml:standard PHP 7.3 extension: simplexml XML->object converter
php73-soap:standard PHP 7.3 extension: soap web services
php73-wddx:standard PHP 7.3 extension: wddx web data exchange
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python-lxml:py37 Powerful and Pythonic XML processing libra (PY 37)
python-lxml:py38 Powerful and Pythonic XML processing libra (PY 38)
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