Port variant noprefix
Summary GNU tape archiver without 'g' prefix
Package version 1.34
Homepage https://www.gnu.org/software/tar/
Keywords archivers
Maintainer nobody
License GPLv3+
Other variants standard
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Last modified 17 FEB 2021, 01:16:45 UTC
Port created 15 AUG 2018, 17:01:27 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
complete This is the tar-noprefix metapackage. It pulls in all subpackages of tar-noprefix.
primary This is the Free Software Foundation's "tar" tape archiver. GNU tar saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive. It includes multivolume support, the ability to archive sparse files, automatic archive compression/decompression, remote archives and special features that allow tar to be used for incremental and full backups. This distribution also includes rmt, the remote tape server.
nls This is the native language support subpackage of the tar-noprefix port.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
NOPREFIX ON Build without prefixing all programs with "g"
Package Dependencies by Type
Build (only) texinfo:primary:standard
Build and Runtime libiconv:shared:standard
Download groups
main mirror://GNU/tar
Distribution File Information
63bebd26879c5e1eea4352f0d03c991f966aeb3ddeb3c7445c902568d5411d28 2226068 tar-1.34.tar.xz
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