Port variant v30
Summary Database mapper for Rails (v30)
Package version 7.1.3
Keywords ruby
Maintainer Ruby Automaton
License Not yet specified
Other variants v31 | v32
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Last modified 23 JAN 2024, 01:51:59 UTC
Port created 26 SEP 2017, 20:02:43 UTC
Subpackage Descriptions
single Databases on Rails. Build a persistent domain model by mapping database tables to Ruby classes. Strong conventions for associations, validations, aggregations, migrations, and testing come baked-in.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
RUBY30 ON Build using Ruby version 3.0 RUBY31 OFF Build using Ruby version 3.1 RUBY32 OFF Build using Ruby version 3.2
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Build and Runtime ruby-activesupport:single:v30
Download groups
main mirror://RUBYGEMS/
Distribution File Information
e04e43a4823aff7605cef559afd1acc0b69d138453cc9e5a313c647f6c977551 544256 ruby/activerecord-7.1.3.gem
Ports that require ruby-activerecord:v30
ruby-actionmailbox:v30 Inbound email handling framework (v30)
ruby-actiontext:v30 Rich text framework (v30)
ruby-activestorage:v30 Local and cloud file storage framework (v30)
ruby-kaminari-activerecord:v30 Kaminari Active Record adapter (v30)
ruby-polyamorous:v30 Extraction from Ransack/Squeel (v30)
ruby-rails:v30 Full-stack web application framework (v30)
ruby-ransack:v30 Creation of advanced search forms for Rails (v30)