Port variant v30
Summary Package management framework for Ruby (v3.0)
Package version 3.5.3
Keywords ruby, devel
Maintainer nobody
License MIT , RUBY (dual)
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Last modified 13 JAN 2024, 04:52:31 UTC
Port created 22 SEP 2017, 21:56:43 UTC
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single RubyGems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries (in a self-contained format called a "gem"), a tool designed to easily manage the installation of gems, and a server for distributing them. The interface for RubyGems is a command-line tool called gem which can install libraries and manage RubyGems.[1] RubyGems integrates with Ruby run-time loader to help find and load installed gems from standardized library folders. Though it is possible to use a private RubyGems repository, the public repository is most commonly used for gem management. The public repository helps users find gems, resolve dependencies and install them.
Configuration Switches (platform-specific settings discarded)
RUBY30 ON Build using Ruby version 3.0 RUBY31 OFF Build using Ruby version 3.1 RUBY32 OFF Build using Ruby version 3.2
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Build and Runtime ruby30:primary:standard
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f3115ee8080992f257c0161b811e07b012f20175ed89349fb1ac98977ddc5c9c 895956 ruby/rubygems-3.5.3.tgz
Ports that require ruby-rubygems:v30
ruby-abbrev:v30 Calculates a set of unique abbreviations (v30)
ruby-actioncable:v30 WebSocket framework for Rails (v30)
ruby-actionmailbox:v30 Inbound email handling framework (v30)
ruby-actionmailer:v30 Email support on Rails (v30)
ruby-actionpack:v30 MVC web applications on Rails (v30)
ruby-actiontext:v30 Rich text framework (v30)
ruby-actionview:v30 Web page conventions and helpers (v30)
ruby-activejob:v30 Job framework with pluggable queues (v30)
ruby-activemodel:v30 Support for attributes, callbacks + (v30)
ruby-activerecord:v30 Database mapper for Rails (v30)
ruby-activestorage:v30 Local and cloud file storage framework (v30)
ruby-activesupport:v30 Rails support for multibyte strings + (v30)
ruby-addressable:v30 URI Implementation (v30)
ruby-arel:v30 SQL AST manager for Ruby (v30)
ruby-arr-pm:v30 RPM reader and writer library (v30)
ruby-asciidoctor:v30 AsciiDoc to HTML5/DocBook5 converter (v30)
ruby-avro:v30 Apache Avro for Ruby (v30)
ruby-backports:v30 Backports of Ruby features for older Ruby (v30)
ruby-base64:v30 Base64 binary data encoder and decoder (v30)
ruby-bcrypt:v30 Wrapper for handling passwords via bcrypt (v30)
ruby-bigdecimal:v30 Arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point (v30)
ruby-builder:v30 Builders for MarkUp (v30)
ruby-cabin:v30 Structured and contextual logging (v30)
ruby-carrierwave:v30 Ruby file upload library (v30)
ruby-childprocess:v30 Controls external background programs (v30)
ruby-clamp:v30 Minimal framework for command-line utilities (v30)
ruby-concurrent-ruby1.1:v30 Concurrency tools like futures, promises + (v30)
ruby-concurrent-ruby:v30 Concurrency tools like futures, promises + (v30)
ruby-connection_pool:v30 Generic connection pool for Ruby (v30)
ruby-cookiejar:v30 Client-side HTTP Cookie library (v30)
ruby-crass:v30 Pure ruby CSS Level 3 parser (v30)
ruby-csv:v30 CSV Reading and Writing (v30)
ruby-daemons:v30 Allows existing scripts to be daemonized (v30)
ruby-date:v30 Module for handling dates (v30)
ruby-dbm:v30 Database Manager Library wrapper (v30)
ruby-deep_merge:v30 Merge Deeply Nested Hashes (v30)
ruby-delayed_job:v30 Asynchronous execution of background tasks (v30)
ruby-devise:v30 Flexible authentication for Rails/Warden (v30)
ruby-diff-lcs:v30 Longest Common Sequence algorithm (v30)
ruby-digest:v30 Message digest libraries framework (v30)
ruby-domain_name:v30 Domain Name manipulation library for Ruby (v30)
ruby-dotenv:v30 Loads environment variables from `.env` (v30)
ruby-drb:v30 Distributed object system for Ruby (v30)
ruby-elastic-transport:v30 Low level Ruby client for Elastic services (v30)
ruby-elasticsearch-api:v30 Ruby API for Elasticsearch (v30)
ruby-elasticsearch-transport:v30 Ruby client for Elasticsearch (v30)
ruby-elasticsearch:v30 Ruby integrations for Elasticsearch (v30)
ruby-em-http-request:v30 EventMachine based async HTTP Request client (v30)
ruby-em-socksify:v30 Transparent proxy support for EventMachine (v30)
ruby-erubi:v30 Small ERB Implementation (v30)
ruby-erubis:v30 Embedded Ruby implementation (v30)
ruby-eventmachine:v30 Ruby/EventMachine library (v30)
ruby-excon:v30 Speed, persistence, http(s) (v30)
ruby-execjs:v30 Run JavaScript code from Ruby (v30)
ruby-facter:v30 Facter, a system inventory tool (v30)
ruby-faraday-em_http:v30 Faraday adapter for Em::Http (v30)
ruby-faraday-em_synchrony:v30 Faraday adapter for EM::Synchrony (v30)
ruby-faraday-excon:v30 Faraday adapter for Excon (v30)
ruby-faraday-httpclient:v30 Faraday adapter for HTTPClient (v30)
ruby-faraday-net_http:v30 Faraday adapter for Net::HTTP (v30)
ruby-faraday-net_http_persistent:v30 Faraday adapter for NetHttpPersistent (v30)
ruby-faraday-patron:v30 Faraday adapter for Patron (v30)
ruby-faraday-rack:v30 Faraday adapter for Rack (v30)
ruby-faraday:v30 HTTP/REST API client library (v30)
ruby-fast_gettext:v30 Good, threadsafe implementation of GetText (v30)
ruby-ffi:v30 Foreign Function Interface library (v30)
ruby-forwardable:v30 Delegation of methods to designated object (v30)
ruby-fpm:v30 Fpm - package building and mangling (v30)
ruby-gdbm:v30 Ruby extension for GNU dbm (v30)
ruby-gettext-setup:v30 Sets up i18n localization for Ruby projects (v30)
ruby-gettext:v30 L10N localization library and tools (v30)
ruby-git:v30 Wraps system calls to the git library (v30)
ruby-globalid:v30 URIs to pass model references (v30)
ruby-haml:v30 HTML Abstraction Markup Language (v30)
ruby-hashie:v30 Your friendly neighborhood hash library (v30)
ruby-hiera:v30 Light weight hierarchical data store (v30)
ruby-highline:v30 High-level IO library for CLI (v30)
ruby-hocon:v30 HOCON Config Library (v30)
ruby-hpricot:v30 Swift, liberal HTML parser (v30)
ruby-http-accept:v30 Parse Accept and Accept-Language headers (v30)
ruby-http-cookie:v30 Handles RFC 6265 HTTP cookies (v30)
ruby-http_parser.rb:v30 Simple callback-based HTTP request/response (v30)
ruby-httpclient:v30 HTTP accessing library (v30)
ruby-i18n:v30 New wave Internationalization support (v30)
ruby-image_processing:v30 High-level wrapper for processing images (v30)
ruby-insist:v30 Block-driven assertion library (v30)
ruby-io-console:v30 Console interface (v30)
ruby-io-wait:v30 Non-blocking I/O read/write operations (v30)
ruby-jquery-rails:v30 Use jQuery with Rails 4+ (v30)
ruby-json:v30 JSON Implementation for Ruby (v30)
ruby-json_pure:v30 JSON Implementation for Ruby (v30)
ruby-kaminari-actionview:v30 Kaminari Action View adapter (v30)
ruby-kaminari-activerecord:v30 Kaminari Active Record adapter (v30)
ruby-kaminari-core:v30 Kaminari's core pagination library (v30)
ruby-kaminari:v30 Sophisticated paginator for Rails 4+ (v30)
ruby-kramdown-parser-gfm:v30 Parser for the GFM dialect of Markdown (v30)
ruby-kramdown:v30 Fast pure-Ruby markdown parser (v30)
ruby-locale:v30 Library for basic APIs of localization (v30)
ruby-loofah:v30 HTML/XML transformation library (v30)
ruby-mail:v30 Really Ruby mail handler (v30)
ruby-marcel:v30 Simple MIME type detection (v30)
ruby-method_source:v30 Retrieve the sourcecode for a method (v30)
ruby-mime-types-data:v30 MIME media type definitions (v30)
ruby-mime-types:v30 MIME content type and registry library (v30)
ruby-mimemagic:v30 Fast mime detection by extension or content (v30)
ruby-mini_magick:v30 Memory-efficient image manipulation (v30)
ruby-mini_mime:v30 Minimal mime type library (v30)
ruby-mini_portile2:v30 Simple autoconf and cmake builder (v30)
ruby-minitest:v30 Comple suite of testing facilities (v30)
ruby-msgpack:v30 Binary-based object serialization library (v30)
ruby-multi_json:v30 Common interface to multiple JSON libraries (v30)
ruby-multipart-post:v30 Multipart form post accessory for Net::HTTP (v30)
ruby-mustache:v30 Logic-free view renderer (v30)
ruby-mutex_m:v30 Extends objects to be handled as a mutex (v30)
ruby-mysql2:v30 Bindings for libmysql (v30)
ruby-net-http-persistent:v30 Manages persistent HTTP connections (v30)
ruby-net-http:v30 HTTP client api for Ruby (v30)
ruby-net-imap:v30 API for Internet Message Access Protocol (v30)
ruby-net-pop:v30 Ruby client library for POP3 (v30)
ruby-net-protocol:v30 Abstract interface for net-* client (v30)
ruby-net-scp:v30 Implementation of the SCP client protocol (v30)
ruby-net-smtp:v30 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol client library (v30)
ruby-net-ssh:v30 Implementation of the SSH2 client protocol (v30)
ruby-netrc:v30 Library to read and write netrc files (v30)
ruby-nio4r:v30 New IO for Ruby (v30)
ruby-nokogiri:v30 HTML/XML/SAX/Reader parser (v30)
ruby-orm_adapter:v30 Wrapper for supporting multiple ORMs (v30)
ruby-patron:v30 Patron HTTP Client (v30)
ruby-pg:v30 Interface to PostgreSQL servers (v30)
ruby-pleaserun:v30 Startup and service script generator (v30)
ruby-polyamorous:v30 Extraction from Ransack/Squeel (v30)
ruby-prime:v30 Prime numbers and factorization library (v30)
ruby-psych:v30 Psych is a YAML parser and emitter (v30)
ruby-public_suffix:v30 Domain name parser and decomposer (v30)
ruby-puppet-resource_api:v30 Native resource creator for Puppet (v30)
ruby-puppet:v30 Aautomated configuration management tool (v30)
ruby-rack-session:v30 Session implementation for Rack (v30)
ruby-rack-test:v30 Simple testing API built on Rack (v30)
ruby-rack:v30 Modular Ruby webserver interface (v30)
ruby-rackup:v30 General server command for Rack applications (v30)
ruby-rails-dom-testing:v30 Nokogiri DOM comparison tool (v30)
ruby-rails-html-sanitizer:v30 HTML sanitization for Rails applications (v30)
ruby-rails:v30 Full-stack web application framework (v30)
ruby-railties:v30 Rails bootup, plugins and other internals (v30)
ruby-rainbow:v30 Colorize printed text on ANSI terminals (v30)
ruby-rake:v30 Make-like program implemented in Ruby (v30)
ruby-ransack:v30 Creation of advanced search forms for Rails (v30)
ruby-rchardet:v30 Character encoding auto-detection (v30)
ruby-rdiscount:v30 Fast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown (v30)
ruby-red-datasets:v30 Common datasets such as Iris and CIFAR-100 (v30)
ruby-reline:v30 Ruby implementation of readline library (v30)
ruby-responders:v30 Set of reponders for Rails (v30)
ruby-rest-client:v30 Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby (v30)
ruby-rexml:v30 XML toolkit for Ruby (v30)
ruby-ronn-ng:v30 Builds man pages from Markdown (v30)
ruby-rspec-core:v30 Rspec-core-3.13.0 (v30)
ruby-rspec-expectations:v30 Rspec-expectations-3.13.0 (v30)
ruby-rspec-mocks:v30 Rspec-mocks-3.13.0 (v30)
ruby-rspec-support:v30 Rspec-support-3.13.0 (v30)
ruby-rspec:v30 Behavior-driven development for Ruby (v30)
ruby-ruby-vips:v30 Binding for vips image processor (v30)
ruby-ruby-xz:v30 Bindings for liblzma compression library (v30)
ruby-ruby2_keywords:v30 Shim library for Module#ruby2_keywords (v30)
ruby-rubyzip:v30 Zip file reading and creation library (v30)
ruby-scanf:v30 Ruby implementation of scanf (v30)
ruby-searchkick:v30 Intelligent search (Rails + Elasticsearch) (v30)
ruby-semantic_puppet:v30 Puppet Semantic Version comparison tool (v30)
ruby-simple_form:v30 Forms made easy! (v30)
ruby-singleton:v30 Singleton pattern implementation (v30)
ruby-sprockets-rails:v30 Sprockets Rails integration (v30)
ruby-sprockets:v30 Rack-based asset packaging system (v30)
ruby-sqlite3:v30 Interface with SQLite3 database engine (v30)
ruby-ssrf_filter:v30 Server-side request forgery prevention (v30)
ruby-stringio:v30 Pseudo IO on String (v30)
ruby-stud:v30 Stud - common code techniques (v30)
ruby-sys-filesystem:v30 Cross-platform filesystem information (v30)
ruby-temple:v30 Template compilation framework in Ruby (v30)
ruby-text:v30 Collection of text algorithms (v30)
ruby-thor:v30 Command-line interface toolkit (v30)
ruby-tilt:v30 Generic interface to template engines (v30)
ruby-timeout:v30 Auto-terminate long-running operations (v30)
ruby-tzinfo:v30 Time Zone Library (v30)
ruby-unf:v30 Unicode Normalization Form support (v30)
ruby-unf_ext:v30 Unicode Normalization Form support/CRuby (v30)
ruby-uri:v30 Uniform Resource Identifiers module (v30)
ruby-warden:v30 Rack Authentication libary (v30)
ruby-webrick:v30 HTTP server toolkit (v30)
ruby-websocket-driver:v30 Pluggable I/O WebSocket protocol handler (v30)
ruby-websocket-extensions:v30 Extension manager for WebSocket connections (v30)
ruby-yard:v30 Document generation tool for Ruby (v30)
ruby-zeitwerk:v30 Implements constant autoloading (v30)